Piano Moving

Joel Smith Music moves vertical and grand pianos all over Delmarva. Using state of the art moving equipment and sometimes plain brute force, Joel Smith Music can safely move any piano from a 36″ tall spinet, to a 7′ long grand piano.

Under special circumstances Joel Smith Music can transport pianos farther than the Delmarva Peninsula.

Grand Move Grand Move 2

Moving a Grand Piano into a home with a boom fork lift


Grand Move at Christ Church Episcopal in Easton


Trailer loaded with Studio Vertical and Baldwin Grand


Early 1900’s Broadwood & Son’s Grand Move
More Pics Here


Contact Joel Smith Music for availability and rates.

Minimum vertical piano (up to 48″ tall)moving rate is $200.00
Minimum upright piano(over  48″ tall) moving rate is $300.00
Minimum grand piano moving rate is $400.00


2 thoughts on “Piano Moving

  1. I know that moving a piano from one location to another can be really hard sometimes. Especially because a lot of people don’t know how to do it properly. This site is helpful because it shows a step by step guide on how to do just that. And the pictures are nice too because it gives the person a sense of how it is supposed to look. So thanks a ton for this information. I’m sure that it is going to help a lot of people out.

  2. Brandon,
    Thanks for the comment. While I’m glad my website helps explain and show the process of moving a piano, I can’t recommend that the “average joe” try and move a piano. With the specialized equipment and knowledge necessary to safely move a piano, it’s not typically a do-it-yourself exercise. The potential damage to the piano, the home and/or the amateur movers is just too great. I get plenty of calls to come and repair the damage made in “self-moved” pianos.

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