Bench Notes – June 1, 2009

bench notes_bd

  • Banana Flute
  • Summer Hours
  • Some People Just Have Too Much Time on Their Hands
  • Buffet Crampon New York Showroom Opening


Banana Flute

This is what is commonly referred to as a Banana Flute in the repair industry. Basically a flute that has been sat on and bent, making it look like a banana.  Below are some before and after pictures from a recent flute brought in for repair. This particular Gemeinhardt was bent between the Thumb Bb key and the B Key.

banana flute 1

banana flute 2

Several factors come into play on this type of repair.

  1. The body tube needs to be straightened and the “dents” removed. (this is done with the keys in place)
  2. Any tone holes affected need to be reshaped and leveled. (in this case the Bb & B tone holes needed major work)
  3. Finally, any key adjustment and regulation has to be done, so nothing binds or has too much lost motion.

You can still see where the “dents” were, when the metal stretches the silver-plate micro-fractures, leaving the “cloudy” appearance.  The plating can be stripped and the instrument re-plated, but most customers don’t opt for that.


image Summer Hours

Effective June 1, 2009, Salisbury Music will be closed on Saturday’s. We will re-institute Saturday hours sometime in August, but we look forward to taking some much needed time off. For the summer our hours will be:

  • Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm


Some People Just Have Too Much Time on Their Hands



image Buffet Crampon
New York Showroom Opening

Showcasing Buffet Crampon woodwinds, Besson brass, and Antoine Courtois brass, the new Buffet Crampon New York Showroom will be celebrating its grand opening on Friday, June 5th from 2pm – 6pm at 160 W 48th Street, 4th Floor, NYC, 10036.

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