New Lathe Cabinet

Moved my 1940’s Atlas Craftsman Lathe to its new home…a Harbor Freight 44″ Tool Cabinet with modified butcher block top and back splash. Plenty of storage space for tooling and materials.

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Flute Modification for Right Index Finger Amputation

I was contacted by an Occupational Therapist about one of her clients that was a flute player and had to have her right index finger amputated. The client wished to continue playing flute, but obviously was going to need some modification to her flute. I recycled a low Eb key, lower joint rib, and Bb key from a donor flute to fabricate a “thumb lever” so she could play F with her right thumb, instead of right index finger. I did also have to modify the case so the flute would fit. Other than soldering on the new key mechanism, no modification was made to her flute, so it could be removed in the future if necessary.

Dropped Pro Yamaha Alto

This was a nice pro level Yamaha alto that got dropped and dented in the top post assembly. I had to unsolder the octave pip (3rd Pic) to get to the area. In the 1st 2 pics you can see light leaking out where the tone holes are not level due to the damage. The 4th pic shows the finished work.