Bari Sax Brace Fabrication


I had a bari sax come in with a missing brace. The part wasn’t readily available, so it was easier to fabricate one. I needed a think piece of brass, so a baritone bell ring from the “boneyard” became my starting point. After removing the bell ring, I’ve cut it in 1/2.



I’ve now thinned the piece down to the width I need.



Flattened and cut to final size



Polished, bend added, and holes ready to be drilled



Holes drilled, and corners rounded off.



Installed on bari sax. I was striving for sturdiness and functionality. The original was certainly more ornate, but school systems typically don’t have the money for ornate. Nuts are LocTited on, so we shouldn’t have to worry about it coming off again.

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