Bench Notes – April 20, 2009

bench notes_bd

  • Welcome to Bench Notes
  • Dead Stock Blow-Out
  • Essential Elements 2000 Price Increase
  • Band Shoes & Gloves
  • Repair Tool of the Week

website It’s taken several years, but is finally back. Don’t expect anything exotic, just a place for information and a way to communicate to our customers. We’re doing this on a blogging platform(wordpress), although we’re not using it as a “blog” per say.

Here’s a quick tour:

  • This section your reading right now is where I’ll be be making announcements, sharing pictures or stories of things going on. Expect this section to change quite frequently.
  • Across the top, above our logo you’ll see a series of “text buttons”. Clicking on one of those will take you to a page with specific information about that aspect of our business. These text buttons will always be visible, no matter what page you happen to be on. Just click on FRONT PAGE, to return to the home page.
  • Down the right side(also always visible) are a series of boxes with information, links, etc.

Thank you for your continued support over the years.


Welcome to Bench Notes

bench notes_bd What you are reading is what will become a weekly newsletter that will be posted on Mondays on It will be very similar to the weekly email we have been sending out for the past several months with Repair Tips, Sale Items, Video’s or Article’s of Interest, and who knows what else.


Dead Stock Blow-Out


Cordier Alto Sax Reed Trimmer

  • Current Retail Price – $50 +/-
  • SALE PRICE – $25
  • Only one available


Essential Elements 2000
Price Increase

The Retail Price of ALL Essential Elements 2000 Books has gone up

ee2k_altobk1Book 1  Was $7.95  NOW $8.99
   (F. Horn & Oboe – NOW $9.99)
   (Percussion – NOW $14.99)

Book 2  Was $6.95  NOW $7.99
(Percussion – NOW $14.99)

Book 3 (Technique) Was $6.95  NOW $7.99

Salisbury Music is holding current prices on existing stock, so if you want Essential Elements 2000 Books at last years prices… is the time.

Band Shoes & Gloves

Did you know Salisbury Music sells band shoes & gloves?

drillmaster speedsters

image image

  • We come to your school and size your students
  • We label the boxes with your students names
  • We replace any shoes sized incorrectly

Have any questions? Need a catalog? Want a Price Quote? Give us a call


Repair Tool of the Week

Trombone Cork Barrel Mandrels (tenor trb. on top, bass trb. on bottom)

Corkbarrel Dent Mandrel These mandrels are used to remove dents in the cork barrel of the trombone slide. The cork barrels are the 2 pieces of short tubing at the top of the inside hand slide. (the slide lock is on the mouthpiece cork barrel) In the closed position, the outside slide goes up inside these cork barrels.  The smaller end of the mandrel fits between the inside slide and the cork barrel. In the pictures below you can see the mandrel partially over the slide, and fully in position.

cb_mandrel1_text cb_mandrel2_text

The advantage of these mandrels is that we do not have to un-solder the inside slide to remove dents in the cork barrel. We are able to remove the dents much easier, much quicker, and consequently less expensively.

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