Broken Tenor Octave Key Repair


Old Tenor from a school with a broken octave(and piece missing) key.



Digging through the “boneyard” I found an old broken sax trill key that will become my replacement part.



Clamped, aligned, and ready to be silver soldered.



Here’s my Frankenstein Octave Key. I’m keeping the other end in place until after I solder on the riser that will connect with the octave key on the neck.



I unsoldered and removed the key tube. Then I ground down a piece of brass drill rod to fit in the hole vacated by the key tube. Clamped and ready for soldering.



Soldered, unnecessary end cut off, ready for cleaning and buffing.



Cleaned and polished. Ready for heat shrink tubing on the riser and cork underneath.



Reassembled and ready to go.

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