Pan American (Conn) Tenor Repad

1950’s-ish Pan American (by Conn) Tenor Sax in for a repad. Horn’s been re-lacquered at some point, but in good shape.


Left Pic – Ready for disassembly
Right Pic – See the set-screw in the side of the post? Allows you to tighten the pivot screw to remove key-slop, then “lock” the screw in place….gotta love old engineering!!!


Left Pic – Rub-a-dub-dub…..tenor in the tub
Right Pic – Old Pads


Left Pic – Removing old pads with a hot-air gun…lacquer seemed a bit sketchy, decided not to risk a torch
Right Pic – Old pads all removed


Left Pic – New pads sized, not glued in yet
Right Pic – Lower stack assembled, not floated or seated yet


Left Pic – Lower stack, floated, seated, clamped for a slight impression
Right Pic – Seating the High F with the hot-air gun.


Left Pic – Upper Stack done
Right Pic – All finished……plays pretty well for a low-end 60 year old horn

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