Stuck Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece

3-Piece Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece where the shank was seized to the bowl section. Whacked it with a rawhide; wrapped it in silicone tape and tried to free it with a 2 pairs of pliers; froze it, then heated the bowl…nada….finally whacked it a few more times with the rawhide, grabbed it wearing 2 heavy rubber gloves, and it popped free. Cleaned the threads and reassembled.



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Re-Arranged The Showroom

Moved the tall showcases around a bit, making some room for some further changes coming down the road.



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Rental Violin Crack Repair

Repairing 3 cracks in one of our rental violins.


Left Pic – 2 cracks in the top, on the lower right side
Right Pic – Small cleat super-glued to clamp. This cleat will be glued to the underside of the crack through the F-Hole. The super glue will pull away from the clamp, leaving the cleat glued underneath the crack



Left Pic – 2 Clamps w/cleats ready to go inside
Right Pic – 2 Clamps going through the F-Hole. 1 Clamp drawing the crack closed



Left Pic – Gluing a small crack near the F-Hole
Right Pic – Another view of same crack

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Closed Monday 10/29/12

Not opening today due to Sandy. Be safe everyone!

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Baldwin Grand @ Dicken’s Parlour Theatre


The Dicken’s Parlour Theatre in Millville, DE, rented our Baldwin Model L 6’3” Grand Piano for an upcoming concert. For more info on the Dicken’s Parlour Theatre Go Here!

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Driving through Salisbury and came across this poor old soul. Not sure if it was a failed move or just a “Don’t want it anymore and push it off the porch”. Either way… a sad end to a piano.

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Broadwood & Sons Grand Piano Move

Square back grand from the early 1900’s. Made in London, and intricately inlaid with pictures of flowers and musical instruments. Absolutely amazing condition!!


More Pics Here

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